For holders

Resource is publicly available for all registered and non-registered users. The administration of the resource does not control and can not be responsible for posted on the portal information. However, the resource administration sharply negative attitude toward copyright infringement in the territory of Therefore, if you are the copyright of exclusive ownership rights, including:
  • exclusive right to reproduce
  • the exclusive right to distribute
  • the exclusive right to publicly display
  • exclusive right to communication to the public

Your rights in some way violated with the use of this resource, we ask to inform immediately service complaint letter (in electronic form) with the correct and complete filling of the most data. Your message mandatory will be considered; You have received messages on the results of action concerning the alleged violation of the exclusive rights. The complaint will be examined in a period not exceeding five (5) working days.

WARNING! We have no control over adding mp3 to catalog We are a search engine, which searches for mp3 files over the internet. But in any case we consider all your correctly formulated requests for links to information that violates your rights.

In the letter you will need to provide the following information:

  • 1. Product details:
  • 1.1. Product name
  • 1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available)
  • 1.3. The number assigned to the product on the State Register
  • 1.4. ДA Legal Representative / Rightholder electronic media / computer programs / databases - A copy of state registration

For legal entities / Rightholder film and video - Rolling certificate (copy)

  • 2. Information about the legal owner:
  • 2.1. The full name of the legal entity
  • 2.2. Mailing address
  • 2.3. Site rightholder Internet
  • 2.4. Business License
  • 2.5. Contact owner (name, position, phone, email)

  • 3. Details of the person making the complaint
  • 3.1. Full name
  • 3.2. Position
  • 3.3. Phone
  • 3.4. email
  • 3.5. A copy of a power of attorney to act on the person owner (not required if the person filing the complaint - Head of the company owner). If the complaint is filed is not the legal owner, his authorized representative of a power of attorney - a legal entity must present a copy of a power of attorney the actions of an individual on behalf of the company, a power of attorney authorized owner (not required in the case, If the person filing the complaint - Head of the company representative)

  • 4. For ambitious data
  • 4.1. Address pages that contain references to data that violate the law. Reference should be (where XXXXXX your search query)
  • 4.2. Full description of the nature of rights violations (why dissemination of this information has not been authorized)